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Ignite! Parish Mission Event

Being a follower of Jesus has never been easy. But it has always been worth it. Patrick presents a powerful one-night parish mission about discipleship without defensiveness, yet that provides solid answers “to those who ask you of the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15).

Ignite! is an answer to the call for a new evangelization by the last three popes. Too many Catholics are sitting on top of the greatest treasury of truth and goodness in the world, yet are unaware of it. Too many are tongue-tied when asked why the Church teaches what she does. They need, and deserve, answers. That is what Ignite! is all about.

Ignite! brings to the parish a renewed sense of belonging and a deeper understand of the “why” behind the “what” of being a Catholic today. The event includes praise and worship by acclaimed singer Alob, check Alob in action here and a Q&A open session with the attendees.

About Alob

Alob is a worship leader and singer/songwriter from Ventura, CA. He recently released his first full length album, No Match for Love, in summer 2017. This new project, as well as his first EP, Living Water, are available on iTunes. Being inspired by artists such as Rich Mullins and Matt Maher, he has developed a real heart for service through music. His ministry has helped communities across the US and abroad open up to the healing power of God’s love – yet, he feels constantly ministered to as people share their stories of faith, suffering, and hope with him everywhere he goes.Young people especially need to be formed and fortified in Christ and armed with reason and common sense.

About Patrick

Patrick has been teaching the Catholic Faith for 25 years, and has been endorsed by Bishop Robert Barron of Los Angeles, Bishop Thomas Olmsted of Phoenix, Dr. Ralph Martin of Detroit, Raymond Cardinal Burke of Rome, Archbishop Julian Porteus of Australia, Bishop James Conley of Lincoln, NE, Dr. Scott Hahn, Dr. Pia De Solenni, and many other top Catholic leaders. Also professional magician, Patrick and his Peruvian bride live in Orange County, CA with their Inca princesses and their grey tabby.


These are some of the many benefits of bringing Ignite! to your parish:

  • There is no cost to the parish or organization. Attendees register either on our website or at the parish. Tickets revenue cover all our expenses, including stipend for our team, marketing costs, airfare, accommodations, meals, and transportation.
  • A minimum number of attendees is needed to cover 100% of all our expenses. This number varies depending on event location.
  • The purpose of the evening is to instill in Catholics a sense of confident ownership of their faith and a basic ability to answer questions to “those who ask of the hope that is in you” (1 Peter 3:15)
  • It creates a vibrant sense of community at the parish level – the place that is meant to be the center of evangelization and sacramental life.
  • The event brings together practicing Catholics, those who may have been away from the Church, and fellow Catholics from neighboring parishes.

The Media’s Role In the War On the Family

Does the media cause social ills or are social ills merely reflected by the media? How can the average media consumer counter the anti-faith, anti-family messages beamed out me mainstream media outlets? How is the Judeo-Christian culture being re-built by new forms of media?

Prior to the late 1960s, the mom-and-dad family unit was essentially intact and reinforced by the surrounding culture. Now the opposite is true. The rise of the contraceptive mentality, the pornography pandemic, the unlimited abortion license, and the redefinition of marriage have all created a crisis the Church must face squarely. In this talk, Patrick traces the history of anti-family messaging in television shows, movies, and news coverage. And, in light of the work of Marshall McLuhan and other thinkers, Patrick shows how the various media bring hidden effects even apart from the content of the messages.

If you’re concerned about protecting your family from an aggressive agenda, how smart phone addiction is hijacking your kids, and practical ways to become critical media consumers, this is the talk you want.

Getting Started in Apologetics

This is a comprehensive summary of the least you need to know to explain and defend the Catholic Faith. Great for beginners or seasoned veterans looking for a refresher on the foundations of the one, holy, Catholic, and apostolic Faith. Where do I start? How can I stop being tongue-tied in defending my faith? I don’t have time to read big theology books — what’s the bottom line I need to learn?

This talk distills the entire apologetics enterprise into a single message and method. You don’t need to have special public speaking skills, and you don’t have to be an extrovert. You only need to be willing to take your knowledge of the Faith to the next level.

Man Up! Embracing the key to Christian manhood

This is a talk for men who want more from their life, their marriages, their jobs, and their interior lives as Christians. Our culture throws all kinds of models and ideals at men: how men should, think, act, look, and feel. Very few of them call men to the standard of the gospel. Jesus Christ is calling today’s men to a magnificent mission, far beyond “being a nice guy.”

Men are the prime targets of the pornography industry, they are the butt of jokes in TV shows, commercials, and in advertising messages. The “throw-away wife” culture and the exploitation of women as a result of the contraceptive mentality has wreaked havoc on Christian men and undermined their ability to lead and to self-sacrifice with confidence.

Man Up! leverages Patrick’s own life experience as a leader, father, and husband. This is a no-holds-barred presentation for men age 16 and up. Men are encouraged to bring along their sons and fathers attend.

The Power of Catholic Radio: An Inspiring GALA Talk for Donors

This is the talk you want your high donors to hear at your next fund-raising gala in support of your Catholic radio station(s). Patrick draws on his experiences as host of the broadcast that voted Best Catholic Radio Show in America for 2012 in this presentation geared toward potential supporters and donors. He has true stories galore about conversions, changed lives, and the excitement and satisfaction that belongs to those who financially and spiritually keep Catholic radio stations on the air.

Sex Au Naturel: A Skeptics Guide to Humanae Vitae

The Catholic Church’s teaching on contraception is as controversial as it is misunderstood. Never has a teaching of Christ been so widely rejected – and unread.

This talk summarized the heart of Patrick’s acclaimed book, Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good For Your Marriage (Foreword by Peter Kreeft). The message of Humanae Vitae, the great 1968 encyclical by Blessed Paul VI, is transforming marriages around the world. Patrick explains the difference between contraception and natural family planning (NFP), and shows how the latter helps create a school of love that the whole family benefits from.

All Christians of every stripe agreed that contraception is gravely wrong—until 1930. This is one more little-known fact that this talk uncovers. If you’ve been asked, “what about the over-population bomb?” “Doesn’t birth control reduce the number of abortions?” “Isn’t the teaching too idealistic for today’s world?” – then this talk will provide the ammo you need.

You Are What You Eat (aka How to Understand the Holy Eucharist)

This is a fresh look at the main biblical texts that reveal the Real Presence of Jesus — body, blood, soul and divinity — in the Eucharist, which the Second Vatican Council called “the source and summit of the Christian life.” How can I know it isn’t just a symbol? How did Jesus answer the doubting Thomases of His day when they rejected this teaching? What exactly is the teaching and how can I effectively share it with others?

The Gospel of Suffering: Finding Meaning In the Hurting

“Why would God allow this?” “How could this have happened?” The mystery of suffering and of evil is a deep one, perhaps the deepest of all. When tragedy strikes or when we read the news and wonder why God doesn’t stop bad things from happening.

In this powerful presentation, Patrick recalls the life and early death of his daughter Naomi Rose, and all the graces and blessings that accompanied this scalding experience of grief and loss. The Bible has a lot to say about suffering, and the Catholic Church has a rich legacy of wisdom and practical resources for those who suffer.

Why does God allow suffering? How can I defend the faith in the face of the reality of suffering and evil? And even more profound question: Why did the innocent Jesus Christ freely accept to be tortured and murdered by sinful men? This is not a bookish talk about academic theories and dry philosophy. It’s personal, practical, and pastoral.

Sola Scriptura: Recipe for Confusion (aka, The Top Five Things Wrong With Sola Scriptura)

This is a review of five errors contained in the Protestant Reformers theory of Sola Scriptura, or the Bible Alone, and how to explain why sacred Tradition is both a source of divine revelation and well-attested to in the New Testament. If Sola Scriptura falls as a theory, then so does the ecclesiastical rebellion that spawned it. What is the main passage Protestants use to try and prove the theory? Where does the Bible teach that sacred Tradition even exist? How has Sola Scriptura led to endless fragmentation and disunity that continue to this day?

Mary, Mary, Not Contrary (aka, She Gave the Word Flesh)

This is a trek through the teaching of Scripture and sacred Tradition that uncovers the truth about the Catholic traditions relating to the Blessed Virgin Mary and her unique role in salvation history. Sadly, many misunderstandings of the proper place Mary holds in the Christian life have led to division and doubt instead of dialogue and devotion. This talk debunks the major myths about Mary and sets the record straight on her maternal prerogatives. Jesus could have saved us by other means, but He chose to come through his holy Mother — from whom He acquired His spotless human nature. How does a living relationship with Mary enhance our relationship to her divine Son? Are Catholics required to accept private revelations? Why does the Church stress the role of Mary when the Bible seems to say so little about her?

Master of Ceremonies (aka Let Patrick Run Your Show)

Patrick has been emceeing conferences and fundraising galas for over 20 years. Whether it’s a parish setting, in a hotel ballroom, or in a stadium, your event should unfold properly, and with panache and professionalism. Patrick sprinkles his work as emcee/host with humor, clarity and never fails to include some jaw-dropping magic along the way from his professional repertoire. After so many months of hard work and planning, you deserve to enjoy your own event. Leave it in the capable hands (and voice) of Patrick Coffin so you can be present to your guests and friends.

Sanctity: What It Is, Is Not, and How to Get It

Most Christians see sanctity, aka, personal holiness, as some unreachable ideal except for the spiritual elites​. But as St. Mother Teresa said many times, holiness is the simple duty of all the baptized. We were made for it, and are called to achieve it. Before we do that, we have to understand what sanctity is and is not.



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