Welcome to my Resources page, here you will find a list of websites  and tools I strongly endorse for your personal and spiritual growth as well as your family’s.

Important Disclosure


Covenant Eyes offers Internet Accountability software to guard the loved ones in your home. It monitors the websites visited and assigns them a rating, such as T for Teen and M for Mature. This information is sent in an easy-to-read report so that you can have regular conversations with your kids about their interests, gray areas online, or even inappropriate content.

Our Internet Filter blocks content based on six age-based sensitivity levels. You can further customize the Filter for each user with block and allow lists. Click the image below or use code PATRICK at checkout and recieve a free month. I have Covenant Eyes at home and in all our devices and we are very happy.

Click the banner below and get 30 days for free! Or use code PATRICK at checkout.



Discovering your husband uses porn may be one of the most emotionally devastating experiences of your life. You may wonder if you did something wrong, or why you didn’t notice the signs, or whether you will ever be able to trust him again.

Porn and Your Husband: A Recovery Guide for Wives will help you begin to answer some of the big questions. Use this link to download the free ebook and also to get 30 days for free, or use code PATRICK at check out.

Today, over half of divorce cases involve one party having an obsessive interest in Internet porn. More and more men withdraw from real intimacy with their wives and into digital worlds of fantasy.