Movies for a Christmas Eve

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You have no doubt seen the greatest film ever made, It's a Wonderful Life, starring James Stewart and Donna Reed and directed by Frank Capra. Stripped down to its essentials, it's a story about the intercessory prayers of a woman named Mary... Imagine my astonishment when I got an email from a daughter (I'll preserve her [...]

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Redeeming time, plus the difference the Redeemer makes

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Today on Catholic Answers Live, Father Paul Scalia (the late Justice Antonin's son) will join me to talk about redeeming the time. An absurdly large clock face thing.   How much time do you waste each day? Want to stop doing that? Second hour, Mr. Karlo Broussard will talk about Jesus and the difference He [...]

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The Trinity! Movies!

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To quote Maria from The Sound of Music, these are two of my favorite things, and both are being discussed amply today on Catholic Answers Live. First hour, the Mystery of the Trinity with Father Sebastian Walshe of St. Michael's Abbey in Orange County, CA. Second hour, movie reviews and film chat session, Reel Life, with [...]

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An unusually Catholic politician

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Do you know how the Vietnam War started? Until last month, I hadn’t really thought about it. I knew the French were there before World War II; I knew (vaguely) about Ho Chi Minh in the North; and I knew that the Soviet Union and the United States were playing a game of Cold War chess by proxy. [...]

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A brief for balance

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Polite society prizes moderation, doesn’t it? We’re told (in a maxim with various versions) that “in all things moderation.” This is commonly understood to mean that the alternative to moderation is extremism, which is unwise, either because a) it peters out quickly; or b) it’s is rooted in a volatile emotional impulse. Makes sense, right?   Yes, but. [...]

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Welcome to the new orthodoxy

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The world and its worldly way of interpreting reality is getting stranger by the hour. Consider. Jeremy Irons is acknowledged by most movie and theatre lovers to be one of the greatest living actors.  He endorsed Green Party candidate Caroline Lucas in 2015; his best man was the Openly Gay [tm] Christopher Biggins; and his big break [...]

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