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Porn free!

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A lot of effort is expended by Christians talking about the problem of pornography (we hear of the scourge of porn, the dangers and damages of porn ) and so little effort on what to do about it, at least on a personal level.

Last week on Catholic Answers Live, I interviewed a young man with a plan. Denver-Based Everett Fritz has written a combat manual, titled Freedom: Battle Strategies for Conquering Temptation. It’s a slightly misleading title for two reasons: a) women stuck in the porn rut will profit much from Fritz’s insights into …

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An unusually Catholic politician

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Do you know how the Vietnam War started? Until last month, I hadn’t really thought about it. I knew the French were there before World War II; I knew (vaguely) about Ho Chi Minh in the North; and I knew that the Soviet Union and the United States were playing a game of Cold War chess by proxy.

The rest I “learned” from Oliver Stone, and from the endless stream of movies about troubled (invariably anti-War) Vietnam vets.

None of this prepared me for The Lost Mandate of Heaven: The American Betrayal of Ngô Đình Diệm, President of Vietnam (Ignatius: 2015) by Canadian military historian Dr. Geoffrey Shaw.

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A brief for balance

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Polite society prizes moderation, doesn’t it? We’re told (in a maxim with various versions) that “in all things moderation.” This is commonly understood to mean that the alternative to moderation is extremism, which is unwise, either because a) it peters out quickly; or b) it’s is rooted in a volatile emotional impulse. Makes sense, right?

Yes, but.

Here’s the post-but caveat. On the other hand, there are some contexts in which the maxim doesn’t apply.

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Welcome to the new orthodoxy

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The world and its worldly way of interpreting reality is getting stranger by the hour. Consider. Jeremy Irons is acknowledged by most movie and theatre lovers to be one of the greatest living actors. He endorsed Green Party candidate Caroline Lucas in 2015; his best man was the Openly Gay [tm] Christopher Biggins; and his big break came with Brideshead Revisited, the 1981 English TV miniseries with homoerotic undertones. A reasonable observer would say Mr Irons’ political views reflect a man of the Left.

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Good Food, Good Habits, Good Faith

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Good Food, Good Habits, Good Faith

I am a lazy schlub. I am mainly undisciplined — at least I’m nowhere near where I’d like to be. Which is why I’m thrilled with the results of a 30-day science experiment on my body known as the Whole30 Diet. It’s based on the book, It Starts With Food by nutritionists Dallas and Melissa Hartwig.

I’m no doctor so don’t take this as medical advice. I’m just telling you what jolt of great feeling, great energy, and great life lesson this Whole30 thing has given me.

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The Amazing Kreskin: mentalist, showman, Catholic

Posted by on March 8, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

I recently interviewed one of my childhood idols, the television mentalist, The Amazing Kreskin. Remember him? I still recall sitting slack jawed before our “rec room” TV set after hockey practice with my dad, marveling at the things this avuncular man (Kreskin, not my dad) with the large-framed glasses performed for his celebrity guests and audience members. He played on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson and similar shows countless times, and is now a hit with the Jimmy Fallon generation.

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Restoring marriage, and how

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Our Restoring Marriage Today conference this weekend in San Diego, the third annual Catholic Answers conference. Highly gifted speakers dropped value bombs the whole time: Dr. Ray Guarendi, Father Larry Richards, Father Paul Check, Tim Staples, Trent Horn, Jimmy Akin (Karlo Broussard hosted a get together with young adults with Trent Horn) and our keynote speaker was Bishop James Wall, of Gallup. He is a bishop who knows how to bish.

Y.H.S. (Your Humble Scribe) was the emcee. An exhausting job over three days and nights, but the pleasing sort of exhausting. Know what I mean?

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‘Risen’ Actor Talks. And Meet the Most Famous Composer You’ve Never Heard Of

Posted by on February 23, 2016 in Blog | 0 comments

Joseph Fiennes, magnificently named Joseph Alberic Twisleton-Wykeham-Fiennes, brings his own quiet intensity to his characters on the stage and in the movies. He makes you wonder: is he the PG guy or the rated R guy? There’s a vague hint of danger, quickly dispelled by a grin. He has appeared in a long string of popular and critically lauded movies, including Shakespeare In Love, Enemy at the Gates, Elizabeth, and Luther.

His latest role is as Clavius, a rough and ambitious Roman tribune who confronts the claim of resurrection of a certain resurrected Jewish zealot named Yeshua (a very un-Anglo-Saxon Cliff Curtis). I spoke with Mr. Fiennes about the role, about the (apparent) battle between faith and reason, and about how the historical backdrop of 33 AD parallels today’s atmosphere of relativism and “pluralism of gods.”

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Of Lent, Wandering, and Coming Home

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With Lent now out of first gear, I hope you’re digging into this holy season like it’s your first, last, and only Lent. As our chaplain Father Vincent Serpa, OP, said to our staff last week, Lent is all about death and all about life. It’s about trekking through the desert knowing you are fully equipped to make it all the way.

Supreme Court Justice Antonin made the trek all the way. My sympathy goes to the Scalia family and let’s not forget the man’s soul. I will be interviewing his son, Father Paul Scalia, on March 4, 2016, in the second hour of Catholic Answers Live. The topic? Mercy in a Relativist Culture.

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One grand jury. Two indictments. Now what?

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The Harris County, TX, grand jury indictments against David Daleiden (pictured below) and Susan Merritt of the CMP (Center for Medical Progress) are all over the news. But how much confusion and misinformation has so far muddied the waters?


The indictment case is a festival of half-truths, which have only added to an already Kafkaesque state of affairs.

What is a grand jury? What do the indictments mean for Daleiden and Merritt?

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