An Open Letter to Philip Seymour Hoffman

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Dear Phil: Forgive me for addressing a stranger as a friend. The cliché holds true: I feel like I know you. For 11 years now you’ve been the guy who was born to play blogger Mark Shea in a TV movie-of-the-week biopic. You’re one of those Completely Inhabiting the Character kind of actors. And what a range of characters you inhabited. You never got the girl at the end, but very few actors can bring to life the sheer variety of different characters you did: a dumpy baseball manager (Moneyball), a mincing novelist (Capote), an accused priest...

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There are tours, pilgrimages and then there are Steve and Janet Ray LIFE EXPERIENCES

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I got back on September 10 after a nine-day experience of wall-too-wall, minute-to-minute spiritual growth and enrichment. Steve and Janet Ray of Footprints of God Pilgrimages fame, are in a class all by themselves. From the expert (and encyclopedic) Israeli Christian guide, to the hotel choices, to the TLC given to pilgrims, to the focus on prayerful meditation, to the masterful teachings along the way — it all adds up to a extravagant experience of grace, grit, and gratitude. Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, and Father Willy Raymond,...

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Bad analogies from my saintly namesake

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These Lutheran Satire guys are great. They also seem rather (koff koff) Catholic.

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Come to the Holy Land with me

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…and good Bishop Robert Vasa of Santa Rosa, and Father Willy Raymond, CSC, national director of Family Theater in Hollywood, CA (successor of Servant of God Father Patrick Peyton, CSC), and Steve and Janet Ray. Click here on how to sign up. The dates are August 31-September 9, 2013. Excitement is building among the pilgrims already signed up! Yes, it is not cheap. This is absolutely true. And for a reason. Steve and Janet Ray are among the very best in the business, and their model can be summed up like this: why go all the way around...

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Hello again

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Welcome to the newest, cleaner and leaner, iteration of the website. To my Catholic readers, Happy Solemnity of the Holy Trinity! In honor of our triune God and to give you something tantalizing to chew on, walk through this short passage from Frank Sheed’s book Map of Life, which lays out the big enchilada of the Christian Faith, the Trinity: “Thus the doctrine of the Trinity, at first seen only as a sheer challenge to Faith grows steadily more luminous to the  mind which accepts it and comes humbly to the study of what  the...

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Come to the Holy Land with us!

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Ride the wave of joy at the election of Pope Francis all the way to the land of Jesus’s birth, August 31-September 9, 2013. Steve Ray and his wife Janet are THE guides to the Holy Land, and I can’t wait to join them. Book soon. This is a once-in-a-lifetime experience — for scores of reasons. Go here to make it happen Beer in Nazareth. Wine in Cana. Prayer in Bethlelem. Awe in the Garden of Gethsemane. Laughter atop a camel. Joy with fellow Catholics. Talks, daily Mass, and….magic by Yours...

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A Wonderful Life

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Hello to readers from National Review! Thanks for the comments about my article on the Frank Capra classic It’s a Wonderful Life. A happy and blessed Christmas season to all. If you want accidental comedy reading, do waste your money on Joseph McBride’s tendentious biography, titled Frank Capra: The Catastrophe of Success. It could have been titled Frank Capra Is a Lying Sack of Fecal Matter for its bitchy editorializing about his Obvious and Very Disgusting Egomania. The biography is an unremittingly humorless...

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Another reason we’re losing

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U.S. Army caving in to dhimmitude. Is this imaginable in 1914 regarding Germany, or 1942 regarding Japan, or 1967 regarding the Vietcong? God help us.

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Sale on my stuff!

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Yes, I am offering a Thanksgiving-Christmas sale on all my CDs (including my brand new interview with America’s top exorcist, Father Gary Thomas) and my book Sex Au Naturel: What It Is and Why It’s Good For Your Marriage. Click on the product links at right and dig into juicy sale prices for these high-quality Catholic apologetics products. Sale ends Christmas Eve. You (or the person you give ‘em to) will love ‘em! Thanks for your support.

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